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Colleen Coy has danced with professional companies in the USA, operated a dance and wellness studio for children and adults in Timor-Leste for over 14 years, is a founder of film company Mirth Creative Production, and teaches Pilates, yoga, and dance from her home studio in northern NSW Australia, as well as online. 

Colleen has performed in theatre plays, musicals, dance films, performance art shows, and plays trombone and harp in local band k’Flunk.

Colleen has a well-developed interest in and experience of movement anatomy, improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Screendance, diverse cultures, nature, music, and meditation.

Her recent projects have included creating a range of solo and collaborative Screendance works, some of which have been shown at art galleries and international film festivals, as well as performing dance and teaching regional community dance workshops.

container dance
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Container Dance 2023 – Nimbin, NSW, Australia

Container Dance is an experimental Screendance filmed in a shipping container turned replacement home after the original home was lost in a landslide during the February 2022 record breaking rains and widespread flooding in many northern NSW communities. Concepts of contemplation included housing un-affordability, social inequity and isolation, and the “Little Boxes” sung about by the late Malvina Reynolds in 1962.


Byron film festival awarded director
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“Patterns” is a dance work by local dance artists Viviane Frehner and Kimberley McIntyre, in collaboration with Phil Blackman and Colleen Coy.

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Monthly Screendance

“January”, from Colleen ‘s 2023 monthly Screendance series.

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This Land Opened Up

“This Land Opened Up” was collaboratively choreographed by Li Chiao-Ping and Colleen Coy, and performed by Colleen Coy, in July 2016 for the Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company Summer Intensive performance in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Upcoming Events:


Rosalind Crisp Workshop

Colleen will be dancing with Rosalind Crisp, one of Australia’s senior dance artists, the founder of Omeo Dance, and a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, for this 6-day intensive dance lab.

Location:1/247-257 Bulwara Road, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, 2007

08-13 JULY


11:00-16:30 daily

Ready Made Works

Past Events:


International Women's Day

Colleen performed two Ménage dances at the Nimbin School of Arts for International Women’s Day on 07 March 2024.

Dance artists Colleen Coy, Viviane Frehner, and Kimberley McIntyre facilitated a special International Women’s Day Dance Workshop, open to all women, to celebrate women on 08 March 2024.


Art Event - Dance salon

Dance Salon

On 07 January 2024 Colleen performed Ménage and Bolero, as well as other movement scores, as part of the Dance Salon organized by local dance artist Kimberley McIntyre at Drill Hall’s Not Yet Angels Festival in Mullumbimby.




Ménage - Nimbin Cabaret

Performance trio Ménage is a Northern Rivers based collective of dance artists: Colleen Coy, Viviane Frehner, & Kimberley McIntyre.

Ménage formed in 2018 to produce a dance theatre piece exploring sensuality & humor to a few classic songs as part of a run of northern rivers She-Rated Cabarets.  All three female artists have years of extensive training and professional experience in dance, choreography, performance, and teaching.


Contact Improvisation Convergence

Colleen danced & taught “Frames of Reference – Movement & Framing: Tools for Modulating Awareness/Relationship” Screendance workshop.


into the dark into the light

Let's Pretend Gallery

Colleen Coy directed, documented, and edited a 3 hour durational live dance performance for the opening night of this gallery exhibition and showcased two of her Screendance films. 


i-dance Japan 2023

As a Supporting Artist, Colleen Coy danced, performed, and taught Screendance workshops at this Japanese residential Contact Improvisation festival.


NORPA’s Makers Hub

NORPA - Maker's Hub

Colleen taught a ‘Frames of Reference’ Screendance workshop at NORPA’s Maker’s Hub. Participants explored how improvisational movement can translate to crafting cinematography by practicing a series of movement exercises in the presence of a visual frame.

Pain Killers

Li Chiao-Ping's "Painkillers"

Colleen performed with Li Chiao-Ping Dance Company in this modern dance piece, “Painkillers”, which exposes deeply suppressed feelings in an effort to both honor and exorcise pain.


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