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Yoga Colleen Coy

Pilates &


These classes provide an evolving series of interconnected exercises drawn from classical Pilates and a range of yoga styles.

Responding to the needs of those attending. Individualised instruction supports you to fully explore each exercise and the experience of your own body.

ballet colleen coy



Learn the fundamentals of technique while appreciating and experiencing the beauty of this classical art from.

Students are welcomed into a body-positive environment made accessible to all levels, from first time beginners to those training for professional dance careers.

contemporary dance colleen coy



This class uses imagery to focus on spatial awareness and creative self-expression while learning modern dance techniques.

Gain a greater sense of the potential for how the body can move.  Students practice floor work, weight shifting and traveling, and dynamic expressive interpretations of movement, often to music of various genres.

Pre & Post

Natal Classes

Designed specifically to compliment the changing needs of your body during and after pregnancy, Prenatal Pilates/yoga will help you stay fit, increase your circulation, and prepare your back, belly, and pelvis for childbirth.

Postnatal Pilates/yoga will help you improve your fitness, strengthen your core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, as well as give you much needed relaxation and therapeutic body work before and after childbirth.

pre and post natal classes
improvisation dance colleen coy



& Improvisation

These classes use movement to awaken openness, receptivity, softness, and fluidity in the body.  Enhance the states of released and effortless motion, and explore how to move into and out of the floor, through space, and with each other.

Through tactful guided facilitation you will experience how to listen to your body, improve non-verbal communication with others, and work toward overall harmony.


Meditation is a practice of mindfulness to train one’s attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.  

Meditation sessions may include rest and relaxation techniques as well as tools to help focus and train the mind’s attention.


Choreography &


Learn a dance or collaboratively create choreography to suit your needs.

Sessions may include research, creative development, and performance skills related to dance, music, and technical development.



& Dance

Contact improvisation is a form of improvised partner dancing that has been developing internationally since 1972. It involves the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness.
contemporary dance colleen coy


No previous experience is necessary to participate in Colleen’s classes. No special equipment is required to participate in Colleen’s classes. Depending upon the style of class that you are taking, we may sometimes use small equipment such as mats, chairs, blocks, straps/bands, and exercise balls…however in all cases these can be substituted with other things that can be found in your space such as books, towels, etc., so there is never a need to have or purchase anything specific to be able to fully participate in Colleen’s classes. Alternatives for all exercises are provided as necessary.
Recordings of live classes are not currently available.
Colleen’s private classes are accessible to people with disabilities. Group classes are also potentially accessible to people with many kinds of disabilities. Colleen has experience working with deaf students and students with Down syndrome. If you are differently abled and are interested in participating in classes, please speak with Colleen about her skills and abilities to see if she is a good match for you. In general, Colleen’s perspective is that we all have different skills and limitations, and rather than focusing on what one cannot do we focus on the many positive options for what is possible…so, Colleen’s classes take a positive approach to the body and its capabilities.
Online classes are conducted via Zoom. When you have made your booking you will receive an email containing a zoom link. You can also access the link via the “MY BOOKINGS” section on the website.
If you wish to speak to the teaching during a class you can: unmute yourself and speak, raise your hand and/or come up to the screen to get the teacher’s attention, raise your virtual ‘hand’ in zoom using the ‘raise hand’ button, send the teacher a chat in the zoom chat box, and/or call or text Colleen on her phone or via Messenger.
I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. That means that you can cancel your session up to 24 hours before the appointment time with no charge. If you cancel within the 24 hour period, regardless of the reason, you will be charged the full fee. Please note, personal disasters, accidents, illnesses, business conflicts, etc., are NOT exempt from the cancellation policy. Once you make an appointment, you own the time, so if something happens that prevents you from making it to the appointment, that also belongs to you.
Sophia Cason

My 5-year-old daughter loves learning dance with Colleen.

She danced twice a week in Little Dancer class from the time she was two years old and it was her happiest time of the whole week. Now she is in Pre-Ballet and I have been really impressed with her ability to learn the various forms, as well as a number of different steps. 


Sophia Cason – Australia/Camboida

Deborah Cummins

Colleen is a gem.

She was one of the first people in Timor-Leste to really take yoga (and Pilates, and dance, etc.) seriously, creating a little oasis for those of us living there to centre and come back to ourselves, away from the madness of everyday life. I have been going there for years for yoga and meditation and highly recommend it.


Deborah Cummins – Australia

Carla Compagno

Best Pilates Class Ever!

I participated in Colleen’s Pilates classes for about 2 years when I was working at the UN mission in Timor-Leste. I have never found such a passionate, knowledgeable, and caring teacher again! I have a bad back and she would advise suitable or alternative positions during her class. I learned how to breathe properly, regained mobility and felt much better, also more relaxed and happy. So grateful!

Carla Compagno – Portugal

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