I've been a Pilates student of Colleen's for 10 years.

First in her studio in East Timor, and for the last four years I’ve been attending her online classes from the various locations I’ve lived in. I look forward to every one of her classes, and cannot recommend her enough.

Anne Ostby – Norway

Anne Ostby
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Ballet teaches you to move elegantly!​

It’s a great way of keeping fit and healthy and a wonderful way to keep your joints well oiled and your body well stretched.

Trevor Pearson – UK/Australia

Trevor Pearson
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Janet-Donnelly Testimonial
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I started Pilates to build core muscle strength after surgery.

Colleen is calm, professional, dedicated, and knowledgable.  I highly recommend her classes.

Janet Donnelly – Australia/Austria

Sandra Silva

Colleen’s classes have been a joy in our lives!

Colleen is one of the most caring people I have had the pleasure to cross paths with. She has always been a wonderful teacher and friend, both to my 7 year old daughter, Madalena, and myself. I love doing her Pilates classes and Madalena is crazy about all the dance and yoga classes she has been doing with Colleen. It has been an amazing adventure to see my little girl grow and develop through the yoga, ballet, contemporary dance, and tap dancing classes she takes with Colleen! I couldn’t be more grateful for having Colleen in our daily routine!

Sandra Silva – Portugal

Kristie Maiden

Colleen Coy is an exceptional teacher.

Colleen’s classes were my soul survival while adjusting to a new place. I went to Colleens Pilates classes, both group and private. Colleen healed my back pain and gave me a strong supportive core after abdominal separation from childbirth. Colleen is such a gifted and caring teacher, and she’s a very evolved and kind person who is so creative, fun, and accepting. I was very lucky to meet her and spend time with her.

Kristie Maiden – Australia

Eva Hall

I loved Colleen's presence.

I was a regular at Colleen’s Pilates classes after the first time I tried them. I always enjoyed the classes and the opportunity to take time out and truly breathe deeply.  She has a lovely way of striking the right balance between being fun and lighthearted while at the same time you know you can trust that she has the technical and physiological knowledge to make sure you work safely. Thanks for all you contribute to the community!


Eva Hall – Australia

Kirsty Sword Gusmao

Just perfect...

The online Pilates classes I have done with Colleen Coy have been such a perfect way to start my day…gentle invigoration of the muscles & soul.

Kirsty Sword Gusmao – former First Lady of Timor-Leste

Janet Donnelly

Colleen’s method involves retraining the brain, muscles, and nervous system.​

I have enjoyed Colleen Coy’s wonderful Pilates classes in Timor-Leste in 2015-2016 and online since 2020. Colleen has helped me rebuild strength in parts of my body that I needed to reawaken: my right shoulder due to an old injury, and my core after surgery. Colleen has an amazing ability to design and adapt classes so that every participant can work on their own challenges.

Janet Donnelly – Australia/Austria

Jeanne Everett

Colleen runs a very professional space and is an extremely capable lady. ​

The practice I received from Colleen and the community around her studio are one of my most special memories. I have yet to find a Pilates teacher that matches Colleen, and I know I am not the only one who still brings up nostalgically the classes and the spirit we found with her. I attended classes from a wonderful yoga teacher at Colleen’s studio who inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself, and I later taught yoga at Colleen’s studio myself. I could not recommend Colleen’s classes more highly.

Jeanne Everett – France/USA

Cynthia Bacon

Blessings to Colleen as she continues to offer these classes to children and adults.​

My daughter Serenity has had so many positive things to say about Colleen and her ballet lessons.  She admires Colleen and has modeled parts of herself on Colleen. She admires her teaching methods and feels very inspired and motivated to follow her directions and advice. 

The actual ballet techniques Colleen teaches combined with Serenity’s desire to learn and improve have significantly improved her posture, flexibilty, strength, and confidence. Watching her change so much through these lessons with Colleen has actually changed my own beliefs and inspired me! Colleen has taught and guided Serenity to work hard and build her physical strength. I have watched her body become graceful and flexible, and seen her persevere and train hard. While I had never particularly wanted Serenity to become a ballerina, I can only say that the lessons with Colleen have been a vital part of her growth and maturity into a young woman, and I would highly recommend them to anyone to help their child’s physical and personal development.

Cynthia Bacon – Lismore, Australia

Jennifer Braun

I never knew I liked modern dance so much before Colleen's class.​

Colleen was patient enough to allow a big-time beginner like me in her dance class. The result culminated in a wonderful performance that I will never forget. She helped those of us in her class to quickly feel like a team, learn the dance moves, and have a lot of laughs in meantime!

Jennifer Braun – Germany

Anne Ostby

I owe a lot of my well-being on every level to Colleen's Pilates classes.

Colleen’s Pilates class was the first element of stability I established when arriving in Timor-Leste in 2013, and it has stayed that way ever since.  I had previously done Pilates on and off for about a decade, but it is through Colleen’s professional and caring guidance that I have gained a true understanding of why it is so good for me, and how I can develop and improve. Her calm supervision through every class, where her keen eye immediately sees what everyone needs, never fails to have me leave in better shape than when I arrived, both physically and mentally. Colleen’s background as a dancer combined with her thorough understanding of physiology makes everyone perform according to what their body needs and is capable of, and that’s what makes me feel totally rewarded after every class.  Thank you!

Anne Ostby – Norway

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